White Bean Tortellini Soup

A recipe for white bean tortellini soup that is delicious, healthy, and ready in just 20 minutes! No-fail comfort food for busy weeknights.

Note: This post was originally published on January 13, 2018, and updated on November 27, 2018, to include new photos and an updated description.

White Bean Tortellini Soup

If you’re tired at the end of a long day, laboring over a complicated dinner is the absolute last thing you want to do when you finally get home. Yet, everyone still needs to eat!

That’s where this healthy white bean tortellini soup is like a secret weapon. This is literally the fastest, easiest recipe I know how to make that checks all my favorite boxes:

  • healthy,
  • made from scratch,
  • just one pot, and, 
  • delicious!

It’s no surprise that I make this on the regular!

White Bean Tortellini Soup

How to Make Easy Tortellini Soup

The true beauty of this recipe is that it couldn’t be simpler. Everything cooks together in one pot, and there’s not much chopping or other prep work to extend the time that you’re standing in the kitchen.

You’ll start by sautéing some humble onions in olive oil. Use a Dutch oven or stockpot big enough to hold your finished soup – that’s the only pot you will need! After the onions are soft, add a bit of garlic, followed by canned diced tomatoes, oregano, and either chicken or vegetable stock.

Now comes the lovely simple part – this is your soup broth, and you’ll simply cook the tortellini right in there! Bring everything to a boil, let the tortellini cook most of the way, then add a few handfuls of spinach and some cooked white beans. The remaining kiss of heat will wilt the greens, warm the beans, and finish cooking the tortellini.

A few notes on ingredients –

  • The beans are optional – I skip them sometimes if I just don’t have any in the pantry – but I really like how they add a little extra flavor, heft, and protein.
  • Any kind of tortellini will work. I like to use spinach-filled pasta, since my kiddo will eat them, and that way I know he’s getting some greens, even if he steers clear of the fresh spinach in the soup. Sneaky, I know! 🙂

Now you’ve got an amazing, hearty soup on your hands – that’s all there is to it!

Serve with some garlic bread or a crunchy French loaf, and dinner is done! With all the spinach and tomatoes right there in the soup, I usually don’t even bother with a separate side!

White Bean Tortellini Soup

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White Bean Tortellini Soup

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