Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked lasagna in the oven to make the holiday come alive. So indulge in this easy, delicious, protein-packed, vegan mushroom spinach lasagna and make it a part of your family tradition!

Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

This post was sponsored by Explore Cuisine, but the opinions and text are fully my own.

The winter holidays are already here. And now more than ever, with everything else going on in the world, I’m ready to embrace the warm and cozy holiday feeling to maintain that sense of self and renew those family bonds. Holiday parades are in full swing, decorations are up, people are shopping, outdoor ice skating rinks popping up around us, tree-lighting festivities, holiday movies on TV, and it’s a time for family traditions.

And let’s not forget…it’s also that time of year to break out all your most decadent recipes!

I’ve been working away in the kitchen the past few weeks to bring you the most perfect recipe to serve over the holidays!  This is my latest creation, Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce!

It isn’t just any ordinary mushroom spinach lasagna recipe.  This spinach mushroom lasagna is pure indulgence, the ultimate comfort food, healthy, protein-packed like no other, complete with veggies, and easy to make ahead of time! It’s bound to become a new family tradition, although this will become more like a monthly tradition once you dive in with a fork.

I’ve partnered up with one of my favorite brands, Explore Cuisine, to bring you this delicious healthy lasagna recipe + an awesome GIVEAWAY for 3 lucky winners, so keep scrolling past the recipe to enter!

Why I Love Explore Cuisine

If you haven’t figured it out by now from all my posts on social media, I’m a HUGE fan of Explore Cuisine products. Their pulse pastas have been a staple in my pantry and a first-choice when it comes to Italian.

Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

First, I want to take a moment to talk about lentil based pastas.

I’ve tried most large brands out there that make lentil or bean-based pastas in search of the perfect one. My idea of perfect is packed with protein, good quality ingredients, and the right taste and texture. Unfortunately, most lentil or bean-based pastas don’t taste that great or leave you with this dry, chalky texture.

Some of the quinoa-based pastas taste good, but are actually not high in protein and ultimately have very little quinoa and more of something else like corn or rice flour.  This is totally fine if you’re simply looking for a gluten-free pasta, but I’m looking for something healthier with more protein that I can use on a regular basis to make a complete well balanced meal.  And, I’m definitely not willing to sacrifice taste or texture.

Enter Explore Cuisine.

Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

I’m going to be honest here and say that I’ve only ever tried their edamame spaghetti, chickpea penne, red lentil pasta, and green lentil pasta, green lentil lasagna sheets, and their red rice pad thai noodles. All are delicious! The edamame definitely has a different bean-y texture to them and work well with something more saucy.

Explore Cuisine pulse-based pastas are ah-mazing and a staple in our house ever since they first came out. My entire family loves them and you can’t tell much of a difference when comparing to regular pasta! They’ve managed to figure out that perfect combination of lentil and brown rice flour. The outcome is great tasting pasta and ideal texture, while still keeping them mostly lentil-based and therefore high in protein.

Few Facts About Explore Cuisine products:

  1. Gluten-Free & Vegan
  2. Non-GMO
  3. Made with 100% Organic Ingredients
  4. High in protein, Iron, and Fiber
  5. Main ingredient is the lentil flour for their pulse pastas

They even list the percentage of lentil flour to other ingredients for each of their packages!

When choosing which of their products to work with for this recipe, I went with their no-boil green lentil protein lasagna sheets. I’ve been dying to create yet another delicious vegan lasagna recipe, and had a few different sauce ideas in mind. Plus, what better time than the holidays to share the ultimate comfort food.

Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

Family Traditions

This vegan lasagna recipe was inspired by my childhood and memories of times with my Dad. Every winter, for as long as I can remember, my Dad would take my brother and me for several day-ski trips up to Big Bear Mountain. My brother, although the youngest, quickly surpassed us on the slopes, leaving my Dad and me to partner up as ski-buddies.

Skiing with my Dad became a tradition. He’d always say that one day I’d also get bored skiing with him, but that day never came. And here I am many years later, wishing I could have just ONE moment of any of those days back where it was just him and me, up on the mountain, skies clear, skiing together.

If you’re a skier, or have been up on the mountains, you know how important and exciting that mid-day lunch break becomes. Taking off those skies, unlocking the buckles off your boots, taking off your coat and gloves, relaxing and enjoying that perfect warm meal before heading back out.

That perfect warm comfort meal for my Dad and I was a delicious slice of lasagna. It was always the same kind every time, white and stuffed with spinach and veggies, and only offered at the lodge at the very top of the ski lifts.

This family tradition was my inspiration when developing this mushroom spinach lasagna.

Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

Vegan Mushroom Spinach Lasagna

The creative side of me took control, and I turned a simple idea into this decadent Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce!

The creamy mushroom sauce is the star of the recipe, offering so much additional flavor than any other cream sauce. The base of the sauce is a classic bechamel that I veganized and enhanced with garlic, onions, loads of sliced mushrooms, and herbs. The sauce itself was so delicious that I wanted to stop and drink an entire bowl-full (hint…spin-off soup recipe coming soon).

Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

Although the layers seem quite simple, the entire combination is to-die-for and each bite will leave you asking for more!

  1. Green Lentil Protein Lasagna Sheets from Explore Cuisine
  2. Garlic Basil Vegan “Ricotta”
  3. Sauteed garlic spinach
  4. Creamy Mushroom Sauce
  5. Creamy Pesto Sauce

Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

Follow these steps and end with one more layer of lasagna sheets, the creamy mushroom sauce, and pesto for 3 decadent layers!

I added in a few drizzles of my quick homemade creamy pesto (which, if you know me, I always have on-hand in the freezer), a simple yet delicious sauteed garlic spinach layer, and of course throw in my favorite 10-minute Garlic Basil Tofu Ricotta.

All of these delicious ingredients come together with the use of Green Lentil no-boil Lasagna Sheets. These sheets are protein packed, containing only 3 ingredients…organic green lentil flour (50%), organic green pea flour, and organic brown rice flour. That’s it!

The no-boil lasagna sheets are key when it comes to cutting down prep time. They bake up perfectly and taste just like any other non-lentil based lasagna sheet, if not better! My family didn’t even notice the difference, especially my husband would never compromise pasta texture and taste.

Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

There are several variations to this mushroom spinach lasagna recipe, including some prep-ahead tips, so be sure to check out the notes below. If you’re not a mushroom fan, believe it or not I have you covered as well! You can omit the creamy mushroom sauce all-together and end up with a vegan Spinach Lasagna with Creamy Pesto Sauce. I’ve tried both versions and they’re delicious! Otherwise, trust me when I say you don’t want to skip out on that creamy mushroom sauce…it’s SO SO good!!

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked lasagna in the oven to make the holiday come alive. So get your hands on some Explore Cuisine green lentil lasagna sheets and make this healthy vegan mushroom spinach lasagna a part of your family tradition!

Spinach Pesto Lasagna with Creamy Mushroom Sauce (Vegan)

For a chance to win $100 worth of Explore Cuisine Pasta, enter the huge GIVEAWAY at the end of this post (there will be 3 winners)! And if you can’t wait to get your hands on some (and I don’t blame you), you can purchase their products through their website, on amazon, or from a few grocery stores, including Sprouts.

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