Paleo Lunch Box: Ham Roll-Ups

Paleo Lunch Box: Ham Roll-Ups

After this past Christmas/New Year’s weekend, I am SO ready to get back on track! I have been really good about sticking to my nutrition ( mainly Paleo with some dairy here and there) but I did treat myself over Christmas as we all should! And I don’t feel too guilty about it! I worked out most of last week to burn it off too!

Because I HAD to make Jake’s grandmother’s famous dinner rolls. I unfortunately never had the opportunity to taste them, but I have heard about them every year around Christmas. She even wrote the tricks of the trade by hand a few years ago and in her memory and as a future Christmas tradition I will continue to make these rolls every year. THEY WERE DELICIOUS! I didn’t even use my kitchen aid to knead it! I wanted to do it all old school and get them as close to hers as I could. I’d say I did pretty well!

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To kick off this week right, we hit the gym again for some tough WODs. We are really getting into some heavier training to prep for the Superfit Games competition in February. I want to work on practicing perfect mechanics with my Olympic lifts as well as improve my endurance to get through the tougher workouts!

We attended an Over Head Squat Seminar at RARE Crossfit over this past weekend after our New Year’s workout! After teaching us perfect mechanics of the move, our coach set us to try it out on the rack. We have done these in workouts before, but never a time where we focused entirely on this very technical move. The trick is to go SLOW! #slowandsteady I went from being able to squat 85# over head to 120#!!! Holy Cow! Great way to start the New Year! #gainz

I also thought about my New Year’s resolutions. I reflected on how I have changed this past year and am SO looking forward to 2016. I will post my New Year’s plans in my next post over the weekend.

Now, I completely understand that getting back to that healthier you can seem like a daunting task. Just take a bite out of the elephant and keep at it till you get there. It’s not a race. In fact, there shouldn’t be a finish line. We are in this for a healthy LIFEstyle. Right??

I love meal prepping foods I can look forward to everyday. That way it’s never boring and you never feel deprived of anything. I love making no-bread sandwiches for lunch with dips! Cause, I really love dips…

Ham Roll-Ups are about as easy as they sound and provide a lot of filling protein to get you through the afternoon. Stuff them how you please. I love adding some red onion and pepper sticks!

Wherever you are and whatever you make for lunch, always make it fun!

You Need:

4oz of Hormel Natural Ham

Veggies of your choice cut in strips

I chose red onion and bell peppers

1 tbs of dijon mustard

Side of fruit and a small palmful of nuts for your healthy fat to complete the meal!

Easy Peasy!


Lay out 2 pieces of ham and make sure they over lap

Place a few strips of veggies in center

Roll from one end to another ( like a sleeping bag)

I tied mine up with kitchen twine


I love using my Bentology lunc box for my lunches! It keeps everything fresh and great for portioning my lunches!

Paleo Lunch Box: Ham Roll-Ups

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